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Audio Technica ATH-G1

What is the Audio Technica ATH-G1 Gaming Headset?

Landing as a mid-tier offering within Audio Technica’s selection of gaming headsets, the Audio Technica ATH-G1 is a competent peripheral in all the areas where it really matters, but it never quite managed to blow me away thanks to a lacklustre design and lack of value for money. 

It’s largely passable thanks to a mixture of impressive yet pedestrian audio, but has a build quality that doesn’t gel, at least in my eyes, with the £159 asking price. It lies in the same ballpark as the Razer Nari and SteelSeries Arctis 7, both of which offer superior performance and aesthetic appeal for a similar investment.

So, we’re left with a gaming headset that manages to impress with its relatively simple design and healthy feature set, but it’s sadly nothing special, leaving players in limbo as to whether or not it’s really worth forking out their hard-earned pounds. But first, let’s delve into the specifics. 

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The Audio Technica ATH-G1 looks fine, but doesn’t really stand out of the crowdDesign and build – The Audio Technica ATH-G1 is attractive, but inconsistent build quality brings it down

For over £150, I approached this gaming headset expecting a certain level of quality. In a market where peripherals are enhanced with all manner of unusual attachments and fluorescent RGB lighting, the ATH-G1 is arguable subdued with its plastic shell and predominantly black colour. 

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Mad Catz Strike 4 Keyboard

What is the Mad Catz Strike 4?

The Mad Catz Strike 4 – stylised as ‘S.T.R.I.K.E. 4’ – is Mad Catz’s latest flagship model of the famed Strike series of mechanical keyboards. It’s the bigger brother of the much cheaper Strike 2, and comes complete with Cherry MX Red RGB keyswitches.

Priced at around £130, the Strike 4 sits in a mid-range price bracket for mainstream mechanical keyboards, along with the likes of the Razer Blackwidow 2019.

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Design and build – The Mad Catz Strike 4 looks both premium and flashy

The Strike 4 is presented in a fantastic manner, opting for a ‘skeleton’ open-housed design. The 16.8 million RGB colour radiating from the backlight look all the more visible thanks to the skeleton design, which looks great when synced with all those RGB fans and RAM inside your gaming PC.

Lock lights are in the typical top-right location you’ll find on most keyboards, but Mad Catz has been smart with its design. As opposed to having the quite frankly useless ‘Scroll Lock’ light in its typical place, it has been replaced with a ‘W’ lock light, designed to signify the Windows keys being locked or unlocked, which should make life a lot easier for gamers.

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Roccat Kain 120 AIMO Review

What is the Roccat Kain 120 AIMO?

The Roccat Kain 120 Aimo is a gorgeous gaming mouse, boasting a luscious colour scheme and sharp, comfortable form factor. 

I’ve been using this mouse for a couple of weeks now and it’s a tantalising bit of kit, and I’m not just talking about the simplistic yet effective implementation of RGB lighting. Its buttons are responsive, movement deft, and overall design fits in nicely with my current setup. 

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Mixtures of white and black alongside punchy RGB lighting help the design shine even brighterThe Roccat Kain 120 AIMO is a visually spectacular gaming mouse

Weighing in at just 89g, this mouse is absurdly light. It glides across my workspace like a feather, offering an impressive degree of accuracy both during everyday tasks and a variety of gaming experiences. Whether you’re into shooters or strategy, the Roccat Kain caters to all tastes effectively. 

The outer shell is made of plastic, but Roccat has ensured this mouse isn’t forgettable by jazzing things up with its own advanced coating technology. It’s designed to prevent dirt and other debris from getting in between the buttons, which is definitely a concern after months of use.

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Roccat Noz Gaming Headset

What is the Roccat Noz Gaming Headset?

The Roccat Noz Gaming Headset is a worthwhile budget offering, available for a reasonable £59.99. Despite its alluring price, it isn’t without issues, falling beneath the bar of quality I’ve come to expect from its competitors in a few key areas. Build quality is lacklustre and the sound blasted to your ears is inferior to rival headsets. 

So, what’s to love? Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 and Razer’s Electra V2 sit in a similar price bracket and feel better, sound better and offer a more versatile experience. Overall, unless you’re a sucker for the Roccat brand, there are better options available. That being said, it isn’t all doom and gloom. 

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Roccat Noz Gaming Headset – Design

From a design perspective, the Roccat Noz is pedestrian. Much of the device is formed around a black plastic chassis that lacks a premium feel, arguably coming across as cheap and flimsy if I’m being critical. Its foam ear cups and padded headband are comfortable enough, and the overall small footprint meant that it’s supremely comfortable for long gameplay sessions and also ideal for taking with you on the go.

Gaming headsets are often quite heavy, abundant with exuberant bells and whistles, which means I’m often pulling them off following a few hours’ use developing a headache. Even whilst wearing glasses, the Roccat Noz sat upon my head without issue, so it’s a shame then that the remainder of its features seldom manage to impress. 

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Alienware AW768 Pro

What is the Alienware AW768?

The AW768 is Alienware’s flagship mechanical keyboard, designed to compete with the likes of the Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum and the Corsair K65 LUX. Judging by the name alone, it comes highly rated from the larger-than-life PC manufacturer and does have a lot to live up to.

Moreover, at £87 it isn’t cheap. With that in mind, is it worth the punt – or better to stick with models from fail-safe brands such as Corsair and Logitech?

Alienware AW768 – Design and build

Upon first impressions, Alienware’s flagship keyboard looks similar to much of its competition – it sports what looks like an aluminium housing with a space grey and black exterior. However, look a little closer and not all is what it first seems.

The aluminium housing is in fact plastic, although it must be said that its lightweight feel acts as a pretty good marker of the keyboard’s quality. Under-finger, the keycaps feel similar to those on most rival models, but the pretty sizeable volume roller feels cheap and somewhat tacky.

Unlike some volume rollers, whereby the pushing force dictates the magnitude of the increase/decrease in volume, the one on the AW768 appears similar to a mouse’s scroll wheel. The mute button is also made of a hard plastic and requires more force to push than the actual key switches.

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Razer Blackwidow (2019) Review

What Is The Razer Blackwidow (2019)?

The 2019 edition of the Razer’s Blackwidow is an updated version of the manufacturer’s longtime flagship model, and with such a well-known name attached to it, this new Blackwidow has a lot to live up to.

Coming in at a cool £120, the new and updated Blackwidow is caught right in the midst of the upper echelons of the gaming peripheral market, with competition rife from firms such as Corsair, Coolermaster and others who provide ample alternatives. As such, the new Razer Blackwidow arrives under the weight of expectations.

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Razer Blackwidow (2019) – Design & build

On first impressions, the Razer Blackwidow presents itself in a pretty standard manner. It’s made of a hard-textured plastic as opposed to the aluminium casing that other manufacturers such as Coolermaster offer – although some brands do offer a bare-bones skeletal design, like Corsair. Even a faux aluminium finish like that from Alienware AW768, wouldn’t have gone amiss here. The textured plastic feels jagged and not at all ‘premium’, given the price.

The lock lights are placed under the nav cluster of keys (Insert, Home, Page Up/Down, Delete, End) and are pretty small and less prominent than I would have preferred when juxtaposed with the brightness  and colours of the Blackwidow’s backlighting. Perhaps they would have been better paired with different coloured backlights on the individual keys, as some other manufacturers offer.

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Alienware Elite AW959 Gaming Mouse

What is the Alienware Elite AW959 Gaming Mouse?

The Alienware Elite AW959 is the latest wired gaming mouse from Dell-owned PC gaming specialist Alienware. It features a decent DPI range from 100 right up to 12,000, and when combined with its great build quality and a nice feel, it seems like an excellent peripheral.

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Alienware Elite AW959 Gaming Mouse – Design, build & features

The AW959 Elite presents itself in a really lovely design. Its build quality is second-to-none and the metal buttons and scroll wheel complement the hard plastic shell nicely.

It fits rather nicely in my hand, and with the additional magnetic side-pods, Alienware has you covered if you’ve got larger hands. These black magnetic side-pods also add a couple of extra side-mounted buttons that can also be programmed as other macro keys. What’s more, there’s some nifty weights present in the box that click into place on the underside of the mouse. These give the AW959 a bit of additional weight so it doesn’t fly across the desk flippantly. There’s a braided USB cable that comes in at 1.8 metres, meaning it’ll meet all your cable needs too.

Also present on the mouse are the typical buttons that allow you to move forwards or backwards when navigating web pages, while a little black button atop the mouse allows you to quickly change the lighting colour of the three-pointed star embedded into the mouse.

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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

What is the Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse?

The Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse is as an affordable yet feature-filled wired peripheral that’s a joy to to use. Combine this with creatively implemented lighting and a small yet welcome array of customisation options and you’ve a recipe for success.

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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse – Design, build and features

Having used the Corsair Glaive for a number of weeks, I have nothing but praise for its attractive and appropriately sized design. It fits wonderfully in my hand, striking an effective balance between size, weight and overall aesthetic. Coming with a trio of interchangeable thumb grips, you can spend time finding a design that best fits your comfort needs.

I had no issue with the default choice, although others offer a larger surface area upon which you can rest your weary thumbs. It’s worth noting travel speed is diminished slightly using the larger grips, but the difference is so minuscule most gamers won’t care too much. 

Regardless, having three distinct grips to fit different play-styles is welcome, and one of many versatile features the Corsair Glaive boasts. Above the magnetic thumb grip you’ll find a duo of buttons used for swiftly switching between web pages and other applications. If I’m honest, they’re a bit bulky – a rare unsightly blemish on an otherwise fantastic mouse design.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 600

What is the Turtle Beach Stealth 600?

Turtle Beach has long been known for offering decent-quality devices at a price that rarely breaks the bank, and that trend continues with the Turtle Beach Stealth 600. Questionable build quality aside, this is a welcome headset for console gamers.

This polar white headset, designed specifically for the PS4, is a robust wireless beast, although it can sometimes feel a little too cheap in the aesthetic department to justify the £89.99 asking price. Sitting somewhere between the Stealth 300 and 700 in terms of price and quality, Turtle Beach has crafted a satisfactory follow-up that comes out swinging despite a few notable stumbles.

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Sporting a colourful design, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is sadly let down by a cheap plastic shellTurtle Beach Stealth 600 – Design

The Stealth 600 are immediately striking, boasting a white design reminiscent of something you’d see pilots wearing in a mecha anime. From a visual perspective they look great, avoiding the descent into garish, over-produced gimmicks to which many gaming peripherals fall victim.

A domination of white is complemented by splashes of blue alongside the ear cups and headrest, deliberately playing into the PlayStation branding. If you pick up the Xbox Variant, it’s replaced with a bright, venom-esque green. It works a treat, and stands out amidst a gaming landscape where many headsets rely on a generic, black look that seldom leaves an impression.

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Razer Basilisk Essential

What is the Razer Basilisk Essential?

The Razer Basilisk Essential wired gaming mouse is a simple device. It doesn’t have an overwhelming number of buttons scattered all over, and it looks as basic as a gaming peripheral possibly can. Rather than glossing up this device with flashy features, in classic Razer fashion the Basilisk Essential focuses on performance and quality instead.

That’s not to say the Razer Basilisk Essential doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeves. With Razer Chroma support, you can have the company’s logo glow up in an 16.8 million assortment of dazzling lights. Plus, with the thumb-operated multi-function paddle, you have a unique tactile option of registering yet another function.

Those features may not be enough to swing pro gamers, but for those looking to keep it simple, the Razer Basilisk Essential looks a very good option.

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Razer Basilisk Essential – Design, build and features

Coated in jet-black paint, this gaming mouse looks super-sharp and should easily fit in any gaming setup. The Razer logo on the back is so faint it’s practically invisible when the Basilisk Essential isn’t plugged in. Hook up the mouse to a computer, though, and the logo will flash up in bright colours to give the peripheral some punchy personality.

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Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard

What is the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard?

If you’ve glanced at the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard hoping for a slice of portable gaming nirvana, you’re well and truly out of luck. This small, stylish device is attractively designed for propping on your lap to manage a media centre, but it doesn’t stand on its own as a gaming athlete beyond a few noteworthy exceptions.

That being said, it’s a robustly built, multi-faceted keyboard with plenty going for it. The mixture of responsive keys, a multi-touch trackpad and even an unorthodox analogue stock combine to form a keyboard that does everything you’d want it to, given the context of portability.

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Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard – Design and build

For the £99 asking price, the Corsair K83 is an attractive bit of kit. The front design sports a brushed aluminium plate that gives way to an array of LED backlit keys with customisable lighting. Since the K83 is designed to sit comfortably on your lap it trims any unnecessary fat.

The number pad has been stripped out to ensure the overall design is as portable as possible. Certain omissions will be missed, but I’d be lying if I didn’t find the overall design to be striking. The understated aluminium design gels wonderfully with the snowy LED lighting that really brings a dimly lit room alive.

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Audeze Mobius

What is the Audeze Mobius?

It’s no secret that gaming headsets generally sound terrible when compared to dedicated over-ear headphones. They also for the most part aren’t items you’d want to be caught dead wearing outside, featuring bright colourings, RGB lighting and ridiculous “l33t” designs that even the most ardent Dungeons and Dragons player would wince at. High-end audio equipment makers, Audeze wants to change both these trends with its first ever gaming headset: the Mobius.

Audeze traditionally target the mid-to-top tier audio market, but with the Mobius, it’s looking at bringing a lot of its nifty technologies to the gaming table. Highlights include the company’s planar magnetic drivers, Waves Nx head-tracking and amazing 360 surround sound. Add to this the subtle design and the Audeze Mobius earn a pace as one of the best gaming headsets ever made. Make no mistake, if you can afford them and want top end gaming audio then the Mobius is the headset for you.

But be warned, if you plan to use them wirelessly most of the headset’s unique features won’t work. Issues with the way Windows handles the Bluetooth codec used also leads to ongoing frustrations with voice chat that won’t be fixable any time soon.

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Audeze Mobius – Design

You’ll struggle to find a prettier gaming headset than the Mobius. With the mic unattached they look more like a regular pair of over-ear headphones than a gaming headset. The black metal cups come with detachable fake leather pads that are nicely comfortable offer great noise isolation. The top adjustable band also looks great and features the same cushioning. A slightly texture coating has been put around the entire unit that gives them a robust, premium feel.

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Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

What is the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless?

The Corsair Harpoon is a gaming mouse available in both wired and wireless variants, with the latter entitled the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless and coming in at roughly double the price. Knowing this, its £54.99 price tag comes with heightened expectations.

Boasting a small, comfortable form factor and a satisfactory set of features for the low cost, Corsair has introduced a gaming mouse that’s easy to recommend, surprisingly lacking in the shortcomings you’d expect from a wireless peripheral. It also looks really snazzy.

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This is a tiny mouse that packs an unsuspecting punchCorsair Harpoon RGB Wireless – Design, build and features

The second my hand gripped the Corsair Harpoon’s soft body, I knew I was in for a treat. Corsair’s matte black colour scheme contrasts greatly with the logo on the lower bottom, enhanced with a flurry of RGB lighting options. The scroll wheel feels like a miniature tyre, softly textured in a way that’s smooth and intuitive to operate.

Below that is a small button used to cycle through five DPI presets which control the cursor sensitivity. Each one is indicated by a distinctive colour, so you’re seldom lost when it come to finding one you’re comfortable with. The plastic edges above the left and right mouse buttons are almost sharp, offering a distinctly rugged aesthetic.

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Razer Abyssus Essential

What is the Razer Abyssus Essential?

The first thing you’ll notice about the Razer Abyssus Essential gaming mouse is how normal it looks. Razer is famed for its series of bright, positively extravagant products that will immediately catch the attention of gamers. By comparison, the Abyssus is the shy kid too scared to ask for a dance at the school disco.

Despite its underwhelming appearance, this is still a formidable gaming mouse with an impressive range of features for the price. It won’t blow your socks off, but as an entry-level peripheral it’s definitely worth considering.

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The Abyssus Essential is a tiny little mouse, but it packs a decent punchRazer Abyssus Essential – Design, build and features

The Abyssus Essential is a tame peripheral, coated with a simplistic black colour with two distinctive uses of RGB lighting. The first is Razer’s distinctive logo at the bottom-centre, shifting between a variety of different hues once plugged in.

You can find the second highlight on the underside of the Abyssus, snaking around the bottom so a myriad of colours can be seen illuminating your desk. This results in some cool effects, enhanced further once I made the effort to customise it with Razer Chroma.

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HP Omen Sequencer Gaming Keyboard Review

What is the HP Omen Sequencer?

The Omen Sequencer is an absolute beast of a keyboard, immediately cementing itself as a welcome member of HP’s family of gaming peripherals. Boasting optical switches with a “speed you can feel”, according to HP, the sequencer feels immediately intuitive to use with its host of cool aesthetic features that compliment the rest of the Omen range.

Other gaming keyboards, such as the Razer Huntsman Elite, also support these new-fangled optical switches while simultaneously giving the Sequencer a run for its money. However, are they enough to help this device stand out from the crowd? After spending a week with it, it’s time for us to find out.

HP Omen Sequencer – Design and build

The HP Omen range of gaming products has already impressed with the Omen Reactor, a gaming mouse that boasted a healthy mix of striking visual hallmarks and a decent number of mechanical features. The same praise can be lauded upon the Sequencer.

First up, it’s far heavier than your usual gaming keyboard. So much so, that hurling this into a nearby window would likely do some damage. While offering a sturdy foundation for the keys to rest upon, the base is an unattractive part of an otherwise luscious keyboard.

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HP Omen Reactor Gaming Mouse

What is the HP Omen Reactor Gaming Mouse?

The HP Omen Reactor is an unusual beast. One that at first glance presents a gaming experience that’s relatively familiar, yet under the hood you’ll find a few features that we’ve seldom seen in the enthusiast mouse space before.

More specifically, HP’s pitch-black device is one of the first to utilise optical-mechanical switches to theoretically provide faster and more responsive performance. This snazzy new feature aside, the Omen Reactor also boasts RGB lighting alongside abundant customisation options, making it an appealing package for PC players.

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The Reactor’s metal spring can be adjusted to accommodate a number of different grip styles.HP Omen Reactor Gaming Mouse – Design, build and features

The HP Omen Reactor is a striking bit of a kit, boasting a distinctive matte black colour alongside an unorthodox yet undeniably compelling design. On first taking it out of the box it appeared unusual, but most of my doubts were cast aside the second I plugged it in and played around.

It feels great to use, largely due to a hand-rest that sits on the left-hand side, which eliminates the inevitable hand cramp that creeps in after long gaming sessions. The angular accents in the design that help separate the DPI button and scroll wheel also look great, striking a balance between traditional design elements and the edginess you’d expect from a device boasting the name “Omen”.

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Razer Atheris

What is the Razer Atheris?

The Atheris is the latest small-form-factor wireless mouse from gaming heavyweight Razer. Unlike most of the company’s other mice the Atheris is being marketed for office use as well as PC gaming, and features a staggering 350-hour quoted battery life.

As an office or laptop companion, the Atheris gets a lot right and is a great productivity aid for students, office workers and gamers who are regularly on the move. But ongoing issues with Razer’s software stop it being a knockout success.

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Razer Atheris – Design, build and features

Visually, the Atheris is pretty unassuming. The pebble-like mouse looks like a stripped-down version of the Razer Lancehead, featuring the same smooth top and grooved rubber sides. The big difference is that the Atheris doesn’t have any lighting and monochrome black colouring.

Measuring in at around 3.9 x 2.5 x 1.3 inches, the Atheris is about as compact as a gaming mouse gets – which is a blessing and a curse, depending on how big your hands are. I was fine using the mouse for quick CoD matches and sporadic gaming sessions on the go, but our larger mitted news writer found it a little too small to comfortably hold for long sessions.

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Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One

What is the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One?

The T.Flight Hotas One (“Hotas” stands for hands-on throttle and stick) is an entry-level joystick and throttle for flight sims that’s compatible with both Xbox and PC. The price is super-competitive, so don’t expect luxury features or a wealth of buttons.

The T.Flight Hotas One – Design and features

There are 15 buttons on the stick and throttle. The stick has a four and eight-way hat, as well as three buttons on the base and a twist action. The throttle has six buttons on the handle, and a rocker switch (more on this later). On the base you’ll find three more buttons.

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Each button has its name (X, Y, and so on) but is numbered, too, which is extremely handy when you’re remapping them and unsure what particular button is set-up as.

The T.Flight can be operated as a single unit or two separate ones, depending on the space available to you and personal preference. The bases join together and are secured using two screws. An Allen key is tucked away in the base of the joystick to adjust the screws.

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Logitech G Pro Wireless

What is the Logitech G Pro Wireless?

The G Pro Wireless is, according to Logitech, ‘the ultimate gaming mouse for esports professionals’. What it means is that Logitech has crammed its latest HERO (high efficiency rated optical) sensor and Lightspeed wireless technology into a mouse that is otherwise very simple and devoid of any extraneous features – just as most pro gamers like it.

This mouse also features a truly innovative ambidextrous design. You get buttons on both sides, but you can remove the ones you don’t want – such as those that would sit underneath your little finger – making it a mouse that left-handed and right-handed users can both use without compromise. It’s a bold approach to mouse design, but it’s one that has well and truly paid off.

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Logitech G Pro Wireless – Design and features

For such a pricey mouse that includes plenty of high-end features, the G Pro Wireless is, frankly, a bit disappointing in the looks department. It could just as well be any old cheap mouse, for all the impact its design has.

A uniform matt black plastic finish is adorned only by a single RGB-illuminated Logitech G logo and there are no other stylistic tweaks of which to speak. Flip the mouse over and the concentric ring pattern on shiny plastic somehow looks even worse than if they’d just stuck with the matt black.

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Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller

What is the Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller?

Those of us old enough to remember the launch of the original Xbox, way back in 2001 (2002 outside the US) will most likely have a few things burned into our memories – Halo: Combat Evolved, Project Gotham Racing and the absolutely massive controller that came with the already-massive console.

The pad – later nicknamed the ‘Duke’ – would eventually be replaced with the smaller ‘Xbox S’ controller after feedback about the size and comfort the controller offered. Simply put, this was a controller not designed for smaller hands, and it sometimes resulted in uncomfortable or even impossible-to-reach buttons for some people.

Yet the Duke controller had its merits. It was following in the footsteps of the bulky Sega Dreamcast controller and Microsoft was determined to set the Xbox controller apart from the PlayStation’s DualShock. The Duke was definitely a controller you either got along fine with or absolutely hated, but for many it became a piece of nostalgia that reminded them of those early days, playing through the original Halo with friends. Some people, to this day, will tell you that the Duke was the best and most comfortable controller they’ve used.

All of this talk of the Duke and nostalgia eventually resulted in Hyperkin – a company best known for producing the Retron, a retro games emulator box – pitching a unique idea to Microsoft to bring back the Duke as an officially licensed third-party controller for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. So here in 2018, we have not one but two brand new versions of the Xbox Duke controller to enjoy.

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