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WE ARE CSFR video by czecho-slovak community

TARKOVCSR presents czecho-slovak community "WE ARE CSFR" trailer.


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Czech & Slovakia Community Website

Dear Escapers,

As the EFT community continues to grow, especially in our smaller regions, it becomes more important for our lovely emissaries to do things above and beyond! 

As a way to help the newcomers who are struggling to find help, our Czech & Slovakia emissary @HajDEO has done just that. With the cration of the Tarkovcsr website, HajDEO has created a centralized hub for the community he represents to access all the information they need to start their adventure in EFT.

As we progress, I look forward to seeing the growth of this website, along with any other projects along these lines. Let us all work together to help grow the communities we represent in a positive and welcoming manner!

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Shoreline RECON! Pt2

Attention, Mercs!

Final photos of Shoreline have been received. This was some nice work! Have a look at these and update your files for mission prep. We will let you know when it's time to roll out. Until then, be safe out there.



Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc

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Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

Listen up, Mercs!


We have just received some new intel on the Shoreline location. One of our scouts was able to cross an auxiliary pipe into the far end of the compound. Unfortunately, he was met with numerous contacts and did not make it. But he was able to start a transmission of the photos he was able to grab. The signal is kind of weak in that area, so the pictures are slow to upload. Here are the ones that we have received so far, we will update you with the rest in a few. 

Now that we have a lay of the land, we can make preparations to head up the coast and try to find some clue as to how we can escape this blasted city.

Stay frosty out there boys...Over and out!Translations:

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AKM, AKMS, VPO-209, VPO-136 rifles plus AKMNS, AKMNSLP variants, and modding parts

We now bring you screenshots of AKM, AKMS, VPO-209, VPO-136, AKMNSLP, RAIPON and various modifications. Enjoy!


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The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

Greetings, Escapers!

Thank you for your continued support and your interest in Escape from Tarkov! We feel truly blessed to have a community like you - devoted, ready to help, and thorough. Your joint efforts keep making our game better every day - testing, suggesting ideas, proposing adjustments - and we really appreciate it.

Now, when the open beta is drawing near, and the game is getting more and more content, we decided that it would be great to finally make Escape from Tarkov more accessible to those whose native language is different from English or Russian.

In our efforts to find the best way to localize the game texts we came to a conclusion that no run-on-the-mill agency could possibly manage the task like you can. Enthusiasts with a passion for realistic FPS, inherently possessing the required knowledge, native speakers, and, finally - you would be doing it for yourselves. That’s why we have decided to go with an option of opening translation files to you:


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Black Friday Sale is BACK!

Attention Tarkov Shoppers!

BLACK FRIDAY is almost here again and for a limited time, you can receive a 25% discount on the hottest pre-order of the season!We will be providing a 25% discount on everything for 3 days - 23, 24, 25 November 2017.GREAT NEWS! the 25% Black Friday discount will stack with the multiple copy discounts!!

Discounts begin: November 23 at 19:00 MSK Discounts End: 25 November at 23:59 MSK

So don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to support and test Escape From Tarkov...The Scavs will surely appreciate it!


Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc Italian translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @funboy Chinese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel Greek translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @VinceVega


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New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

Hello, Escapers!

We would like to present to you, new weapons in Escape from Tarkov - SR1M Gyrza and APS. They come in the next updates.

Very nice companions to keep by your side with modding capabilities!



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New servers added!

Dear friends!

Amazing news! We are Adding the new servers to reduce awaiting time in matchmaker. Already added some in the US, EU and RUS region. More to come.

4 servers were added to the US we will update as more comes through!


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Celebrate Halloween with Escape from Tarkov

Hello Escapers!

Breaking news! For a short time, new tactical helmets can be found in Escape from Tarkov. You can loot them off the Scavs, who are celebrating Halloween these days.

Take part in the contest for the best Tarkov Halloween-themed screenshot! To do this, post your shot in the comments to this topic before November 6. The authors of the 10 best, most impressive screenshots will receive an additional package of different weapons and items, as well as 500,000 game rubles per profile.

Good luck!


Polish translation can be found here, Thanks to Emissary @TheWay Original link
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Over 70 new items, enhanced early access sets and announcement of new languages in Escape from Tarkov

We are pleased to announce the release of a major update for our online FPS Escape from Tarkov. The game now features more than 70 new items, new weaponsб including AKM and its civilian options as well as silenced DVL-10 M1 "SABOTEUR" rifle. Players now have access to the full system of gestures and voice commands in order to improve communication in game, as well as advanced weapon handling with new weapon mechanics blind-fire and stock folding/unfolding. We also updated the functionality of grenades, armor and the character damage systems. On top of that, there were major improvements made to AI, improvements in RAM usage optimization and other significant bug fixes and adjustments of in game mechanics. We also improved and upgraded the player starting gear in each pre-order edition with new equipment, money, items and increased stash sizes. Complete list of the latest changes is available on the project Forum and official social media.

The next important stage in project development will start with the Open Beta, which is scheduled for launch at the end of 2017. By that time, the game will be expanded with new game mechanics, improvements of existing ones, more optimizations of graphics and network components, as well as additional game content, including new weapons and locations.

Also, in the coming months, we plan to localize the game into new languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

Learn more about the project testing plans and the estimated completion time frame, and pre-order on the official website of the project.

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English Forum Moderator Recruitment

Hello, Escapers!

We have come to this time once again! The staff is looking for users within the community that have that special drive it takes to be a moderator. Below you will find the main points to help you understand the role of a moderator.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously filled out an application, please fill out a new one if you are interested.

What does a Moderator do?

A Moderator's prime task on the Escape From Tarkov forums is to ensure a neat and orderly environment by removing/locking posts that have previously been discussed/answered. This helps cut down on repeated posts of the same topic and allows for unique discussions and conversations. Forum Moderators also handle punishments for rule violations based upon the forum rules, the violation in questions, and the nature of the violation. Things like this include, profanity, derogatory language or attitude, toxicity towards other forums users and creating a hostile discussion environment. The Escape From Tarkov forums is a place where both new players and older, more experienced players may converse, with players of various difference age groups, so ensuring everyone is able to find the answer to their question without being ridiculed by older, experienced players is a priority.What do we look for in a Moderator?

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Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

Hello, Escapers!

We have heard the pleas of our Asian community and as we strive to build our network across the globe, we have officially opened the Asia Servers. This is great news for all of us, as this will help to lighten the load as we can now give our Asian brothers and sisters a home of their very own. 

Please take the time to provide any feedback in this thread, about your experience in the new servers. We are tirelessly working on ALL servers to give each and every one of you a quality experience. We thank you for your patience and understanding in all matters.

Long live Battlestate Games!

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Escape from Tarkov Exhibition in Warsaw (WGW) 2017

After a great event at PGA 2017, Escape from Tarkov was yet again presented in another Poland game event by emissaries and game fans. This time it took place in Warsaw (WGW) 2017. We now present to you some photos taken from this event. Enjoy and thank you for those who partook in this exhibition.

Special thanks to emissary @TheWay.

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A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

Hello Escapers,

If you haven't seen these posted on the Russian section of the fourms, I'd like to share with you some pictures from inside the BSG studio with our developers hard at work! There are little sneak peeks of a section of our next map "Interchange" as well as new plate carries, clothing and a handgun. Enjoy!

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Pre-order packages of Escape from Tarkov will be improved

Battlestate Games reported on upcoming update of pre-order packages that will be released with the nearest patch. Starting equipment and stash resources will be improved, pre-order packages description will become more detailed, but its price will remain the same. The stash size will grow on 30 slots for every pre-order version as well.

Thus, players are guaranteed to get these new stuff:

in Standard Edition:

+100000 roubles AKS74U + 2 magazines

in Left Behind Edition  -  all new added stuff to Standard Edition and:

АК74N + 2 magazines first aid kit Salewa grenade RGD5 additional backpack (MBSS - 4x4 slots)

in Prepare for Escape Edition - all new added stuff to Left Behind Edition and Standard Edition and:

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Art of trader "Peacekeeper"

A merchant named Tadeusz Pilsudski (aka Peacekeeper) settled in the border zone, buying up everything that was more or less valuable which he exports. His distribution of local Western weapons, ammunition and some of the military equipment hasn't gone unnoticed. He speaks fluent Russian and is restrained and terse. Conducts a lot of different operations, often working from the shadows, using his people and UNTAR contingent resources.

French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel


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PGA 2017 video

Hello escapers! 

As PGA 2017 has wrapped up in Poland we would like to present a short and sweet video showcasing the event.

This was made by one of our polish emissaries @NuclearMessiah, and he has helped capture all the fun that was had! I hope you all will enjoy the cosplayers, seeing others get to experience Tarkov, and witness some nice competitions

Polish emissaries that partook @NuclearMessiah @TheWay and @KarolusP

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New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

Fresh screenshots of 7.62mm AKM, soon to appear in Escape From Tarkov Closed Beta. Also enjoy the new spots of the Shoreline location!

French translation by @AGN_YuD can be found here! Original link
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Escape from Tarkov Development Diary


Hello Escapers, 

Today we would like to tell you about the current stage in development of Escape from Tarkov.   The efforts of the team in the near future will be predominantly focused on solving issues and bugs, which requires careful work and utmost attention. The EFT project has advanced beyond the Beta barrier and its development now enters a new active phase. While collecting information from community support, as well as observing the activity of streamers and bloggers, we have decided to give up the planned update that was scheduled for release at the end of September, and take the time to resolve the major issues players are facing.   In other words, we have decided to raise the priority of tasks that deal with performance problems and fix old and serious bugs, completely relying on working with community. At the moment, we have done many things that were not planned to be included into patch that was scheduled for release by the end of September. For instance, we’ve fixed problems with sound effects  modified damage system for destroyed body parts, improved character movement physics, enhanced network synchronization and fixed matchmaker issues, made balancing changes in the player spawn system, loot, trading system, introduced various optimizing changes, including use of the RAM, made adjustments aimed at improving the gameplay quality and much more.   Beside all that, we continue to add new features and content. In the next few updates, look forward to blind-fire functionality, buttstock handling, snaplights and underbarrel grenade launcher. Moreover, we plan to add a new set of weapon attachments, AKM, a new trader, equipment, items, and quests. Also, the second part of the Shoreline location is now in the final stage of production, and there is a new location already in active development - Interchange with large shopping mall.

The main objective of the Escape from Tarkov developer team is to implement  the gameplay as designed and to ensure its high quality not only in visual aspects, but also in terms of optimizing the performance and accuracy of network operation. Needless to say, we also haven't forgotten about cheaters, detecting and banning them on daily basis now. At the moment, about 1400 dishonest players were permanently banned by the in-game anticheat software.

The next major stage for us will be the start of the Open Beta. Soon, we’ll reveal a more detailed description of what it is going to include.

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