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Czech & Slovakia Community Website

Dear Escapers,

As the EFT community continues to grow, especially in our smaller regions, it becomes more important for our lovely emissaries to do things above and beyond! 

As a way to help the newcomers who are struggling to find help, our Czech & Slovakia emissary @HajDEO has done just that. With the cration of the Tarkovcsr website, HajDEO has created a centralized hub for the community he represents to access all the information they need to start their adventure in EFT.

As we progress, I look forward to seeing the growth of this website, along with any other projects along these lines. Let us all work together to help grow the communities we represent in a positive and welcoming manner!

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019
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tynmanz Monthly Studio Report: May 2017
11 June 2017
I don't think they should continue to put features into it. They can add them later.

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