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English Forum Moderator Recruitment

Hello, Escapers!

We have come to this time once again! The staff is looking for users within the community that have that special drive it takes to be a moderator. Below you will find the main points to help you understand the role of a moderator.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously filled out an application, please fill out a new one if you are interested.

What does a Moderator do?

A Moderator's prime task on the Escape From Tarkov forums is to ensure a neat and orderly environment by removing/locking posts that have previously been discussed/answered. This helps cut down on repeated posts of the same topic and allows for unique discussions and conversations. Forum Moderators also handle punishments for rule violations based upon the forum rules, the violation in questions, and the nature of the violation. Things like this include, profanity, derogatory language or attitude, toxicity towards other forums users and creating a hostile discussion environment. The Escape From Tarkov forums is a place where both new players and older, more experienced players may converse, with players of various difference age groups, so ensuring everyone is able to find the answer to their question without being ridiculed by older, experienced players is a priority.

What do we look for in a Moderator?

When we are going over potential applications for Forum Moderators, we look at key indicators that help predict how effective a moderator that person may be. These include:

Forum Activity Written/Spoken Languages (Especially for Multilingual Forum Moderator Positions) Age/Maturity Positive Interaction with other Forum Users Previous Moderator or Supervisory Positions Gameplay/Technical Knowledge about Escape From Tarkov


What affects your Application negatively?

Previous Warning/Rule Violation History Forum Activity/New Users Negative Interaction with other forum users


What kind of Moderators are we looking for?

Currently, we are seeking to fill 6 english Forum Moderators.

       If you wish to submit your application for Forum Moderation Team, please visit our GoogleDoc submission form and fill it out. We will be reviewing all applications and applicants this coming weekend, with an announcement made next week regarding our choices from the pool of applications.

      Please click here to fill out an application

Thank you for your time and consideration into becoming a member of the team!

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