[News] - The best armored cars from the Crossout exhibition: Hover Time

Once again we assembled a selection of the best armored vehicles from wasteland engineers. Let's look at the best cars with hovers:


Today we have got a traditional selection of the best armored vehicles from wasteland engineers. This time we chose machines that can fly above the surface. Armored cars on hovers.
All cars were selected by the editorial board on the basis of the following criteria: the balance of the blueprint, originality and non-standard approach.



                 The first place at the exhibition is                           confidently occupied by the armored car                     DeLirium TMS from the ‘Inventor’ pack.               The  prototype of this unique armored car was       specially assembled by the player EvgenianG.
          Not so long ago we had a selection of ‘flying’             vehicles in the game. And now there are real            combat helicopters at the exhibition! This is the     floating combat monster Apache Helicopter.



                  Minimalistic, but possessing huge                 destructive force, the hovering armored car 1ip  Hover Entak
             Curious hovering armored car Olegso SW        mk2



                Luxurious! A unique golden armored car                HOVER on 10 hovers was shown off by the          player with the nickname Pay_to_Win
              A real Xwing Can Fly at our exhibition of      the best armored cars.



           Aggressive. Predatory. Terrifying. Looking on          from the exhibition, the fighter Quasar F17
         Just ten hoverers provide this armored car              Hover vx 2 with Quasars incredible speed,   mobility and firepower on the battlefield.



            Another fighter from the world of Star Wars                 appeared in garages of the Survivors. Now              you  can turn to the dark side. They have the       Mean Tie Fighter.
          Luxurious 2! When you have a lot of gold and            hovers, you can build a Hover Lance.



           Rotosaur walks sideways. But it can attack             targets. Very aggressive! Do not feed! Do not pet!
   Luxurious once again! To pick up and carry two Mandrakes at once it took 12 hovers and an armored car Dual Mandrake



          UFO saucer. It's oval!
              Another Boevoy_Tie is offered to those          who  stand at the dark side.



        Combat ship Big Sky is out to protect the    borders of the Motherland
          Let us get to the Leviathans. The best yet is       the Monster Mothership on 16 hovers!



       The Leviathan UFO is very compact. But it is             extremely saturated with firepower. A dangerous opponent in the wasteland.
        We conclude our review of the best armored              vehicles from the exhibition with the Leviathan          StarDestroyer


And for the special entry we could not pass by an exhibit called "It"!

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