Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is what is expected of members and from people looking to join. You must also agree to the recruit pledge and our application before being accepted. In all things, any hateful disrespect to a person will be dealt with harshly.DISRESPECT:

Intentional demeaning actions, words or typing to ANY player on the server will NOT be tolerated. There is a fine line between “Disrespect” and “Friendly Game Banter”. We request every one exhibit some degree of tolerance and restraint concerning possible violations. If you feel you have witnessed, or are the recipient of, intentional harassment, please contact a senior Officer. If one is not available, note the time, what occurred and involved parties and any other witnesses (include IP Address if possible) and report via PM as soon as possible. Punishment Disrespect will result in “Kicking” the offending party for 1 day. It is hoped this will provide a “Cooling Off” period and enforce the realization that “Disrespect” is NOT acceptable behavior. Continued occurrence will result in banning the offending party.CHEATING:

ANYTHING that provides an unfair advantage over the majority of the other players is considered a “CHEAT”. Obviously Sharking, Wall-Hacks & Aim-Bots are common cheats. If you suspect someone of Cheating, inform an Officer If one is not presently available, try to get their name and IP address. A Screen Shot of the Cheater in action would prove very handy if you can get it. Any attempts to manipulate the game world or use external programs to gain an unfair advantage will result in immediate and permanent banishment from our community. Please Do Not Test Cheats or Hacks. It is a game designed to be played only between human opponents and any unethical conduct will not be tolerated. But let us all remember, there are some EXCELLENT players and members out there and it is all too easy to say “Hey, that guy must be cheating because I couldn’t kill him” or “because he keeps killing me”. I’m also sure most of the members in our clan have been accused of Cheating simply because they are better players than those they were playing against. The point is, NO ONE likes being accused of cheating, so let’s ALL make sure we don’t become the “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR:

Basically, any activity that could have been accomplished in war is considered acceptable with the exceptions of the afore mentioned items. However, there are a few considered to be UNSPORTSMANLIKE. Spawn-killing is probably the most despised aspect of the game.SPAWN-KILLING:

While it is tactically advantageous to prevent your opponents re-entering the game, it IS considered in poor taste to annihilate them before they have the opportunity to defend themselves. Consequently, there is a 3 second delay between the time of their spawn and the time they will suffer damage. All players of the game would appreciate a “Fighting” chance, even you.

|BC| Principle’s: 7 principles that govern our community. Please follow the 7 principles FUN, DEDICATION, SPORTSMANSHIP, RESPECT, HONOR, BROTHERSHIP, & LOYALTYAttitude: Within the |BC| community:

Trash-talking, taunting and any form of disrespectful conduct is not tolerated. We expect all players to compete with honor and be both a gracious winner and a good loser. The majority of the Internet gaming worlds you are familiar with may not require this, but in all the games we play you are expected to help us maintain the positive attitude and atmosphere that has earned us a reputation for having the classiest players on the Web.Cooperation with Moderators:

The moderators and Server Admins (On Gaming Servers and Team speak) work for the |BC| Community and they are there to help maintain the positive atmosphere on the Gaming Servers and Team speak. All players are expected to comply with requests of Moderators and Server Admins. Failure to comply with behavior-related requests will result in banishment from the community.Free Speech:

Please do no waste your time, or that of the moderators and helpers, by debating the rules and arguing about free speech. We run the services to support the games we play. It is not a public forum; nor is it a platform for free speech. Please refrain from discussing subjects that may offend others or create conflicts with other players. Any arguments about free speech within our Team speak world will result in immediate removal. There are plenty of vehicles and sites on the Internet that provide a forum for free speech; the Gaming Servers and Team speak is not one of them.

Nonnegotiable Rules: If you have a problem with our rules and expectations of players in our gaming community, please address your concerns to the |BC| Leadership rather than attempting to debate or argue about the rules. They have clear instructions to enforce the rules, not debate them.Double Clanning:

Double clanning is being a member of more than one clan at the same time. Members of the |BC| are only allowed to be a member of one team of a game we support, that being the |BC|. If you are caught with another clan’s tag, or on another team’s server with another teams tag, you will be banned from all |BC| activities. Because we are active in league play, in the case we are to challenge the clan you are a member of, in addition to the |BC|, there will be a conflict of interest. To prevent this team members are not allowed to be active in any other teams of games we support. However, if you are a team member in another online game not supported by |BC|. Also, this applies to future games or games of other Genres or titles that numerous members show interest in. Being in more than one team is enforced and is not preferred. Simply because we cannot imagine you having enough time!?! Dedication is belonging 110% to a team – populating the server, maintaining your required playtime hours, posting in the forums, participating in clan activities, keeping up-to-date, and in touch with other clan members. Despite not being enforced and preferred, it is still considered an offense. If caught, you will be frowned upon! And in the case your required hours drop, you will be kicked from the clan without hesitation!Other Requirements for members:

A “good player” is someone who communicates effectively with teammates, like calling out enemy positions and organizing strategy. A self-sufficient and quick thinker who is also responsible for their actions. Admins may give a warning for an offense, but are not required to, especially when the offense requires quick action. Obey the Code of Conduct or else be punished. Admins do not have the time to explain everything, that’s your job to understand and know.

All members must be online ATLEAST once every two weeks. Please use voice communications when possible. If any member will be away, there is a forum category to post your leave. Admins will not hunt down members who are not around or send any type of warning notices. This should be common knowledge for all members. To be a |BC| member, we must be active. Inactive members will be removed from the roster.

All members should login to the website ATLEAST once every two weeks to keep up with team information. This alone will not secure any member’s spot on the roster. However, failure to do this could result in removal from the roster without warning.

All new members must complete a one month probationary period.

Voice communications in ladder/Scrim matches are mandatory!!

Members and possible recruits must be in our Voice server when possible while gaming.

No member, other than those in Headquarters are allowed to recruit new members. If any member has someone in mind to have tryout, send them to the website to fill out an application. If you feel another player is cheating DO NOT publicly accuse that player. If this happens in any type of ladder match, send proof of the accusation to the appropriate ladder administrators.

Remember, everything you say in game lobbies and in games, represents the whole team. Do not tarnish |BC| reputation.

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